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NIS America on Disgaea's Future


Disgaea 3

A recent Gamasutra interview with Phoenix Spaulding, a scenario writer for NIS America, revealed a little more information on the future of the Disgaea series. The most interesting parts of the interview revolved around the future of Disgaea 3 on the PlayStation 3, and the possibility of the Disgaea series branching out to other platforms.

When asked about Disgaea 3 and the game possibly not meeting Sony's approval, Spaulding responded that he's not really sure what Sony's demands are as they are never really defined or "set in stone" as he put it. Spaulding also responded with this statement: "As it stands right now, in Japan, it's ready to go. We won't really know about America until we start working on it, and start talking to Sony America [to] find out what they think of it."

In regards to Disgaea for other platforms, Spaulding mentioned that "...NIS Japan made a very brief mention about Disgaea on the DS. As far as I know, that's still planned, and I know they're at least looking at the others, like Wii, and maybe some other DS titles." This interview further confirms what we reported back in June, when we had an interview with NIS America's Nao Zook where she confirmed that NIS is in fact working on a Disgaea title for the Nintendo DS.

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Disgaea 3
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