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Create Folk, Win Lore



Sony Europe is currently holding a 'Create a Folk' contest for the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, Folklore. The winning character design will be featured in the game as downloadable content via the PlayStation Store. The winner, as well as four other runners-up, will each receive a copy of Folklore and a Folklore goody bag.

For those who don't know, Folklore is a tale that begins in the foggy Irish town of Doolin, but soon ends up in a nightmarish place called the Netherworld. This exotic realm is inhabited by magical creatures called Folk whose powers can be absorbed by the main characters. The game was conceived by Yoshiki Okamoto, executive producer of several Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games. Okamoto along with a panel from Game Republic, the studio that developed Folklore, will be judging the contest entries.

To enter the contest, gamers will have to create an original illustration of a Folk character, name it, provide a brief description, and then give the character a unique attack that can be absorbed during actual gameplay. Submissions will have to be posted either on Sony Europe's forum or sent by E-mail. All entries must be submitted before noon on Monday October 22, 2007.

The contest is only open to residents of select European countries. For full contest rules and full submission details, visit the official contest page. Folklore is scheduled for release in Europe on October 12 and in North America on October 9.

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