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Dragon Quest IX, Wonderful World Trailers Unveiled


Dragon Quest IX

To complement its surprise announcement this week of Dragon Quest IX: Defender of the Stars for the Nintendo DS, Square Enix has uploaded two movies of the game to its website. The trailers come in two sizes: large and small. Both depict the same content, only at different resolutions. The trailer includes a glimpse of the game's introduction as well as a number of gameplay scenes in town, on the overworld, and in combat.

The company also unveiled a trailer for another of its upcoming titles, It's a Wonderful World, currently in development by the Kingdom Hearts II team. To view the trailer, interested gamers should head over to the game's official site, click on the orange map button, and then click on "PV."

Both Dragon Quest IX and It's a Wonderful World are set for release in Japan some time in 2007. US release announcements for both games are still forthcoming.

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Dragon Quest IX: Defender of the Stars | It's a Wonderful World
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