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Fae Join the Hunt in EverQuest II


EverQuest II

The newest EverQuest II expansion Echoes of Faydwer brings a new playable race, the mystical Fae, several new zones, and new content for characters of all levels.

"Our goal with Echoes of Faydwer is to solidly deliver on the best parts of the classic EverQuest feel, while adding plenty of new and exciting places to the world," says Scott Hartsman, the senior producer of EverQuest II, commenting on the addition of many new zones based on original EverQuest areas. The new playable race, the Fae, will start off in one of these new zones, the wood-elven city of Kelethin. Veteran EverQuest players will recognize many of the new areas, such as Butcherblock Mountains and Crushbone Keep.

Echoes also features a brand-new Deity system. Players can choose to follow one of the eight gods from the original EverQuest and will be granted access to Deity-specific loot, quests, and spells. Cloaks have been made available to all players, as requested by the player community. Solo players will be able to purchase their own, while guilds can create custom cloaks to mark their membership.

Echoes of Faydwer features over 350 new quests, items, spells, and tradeskills to players of all levels. More than 20 new zones offer over 40 new types of creatures to do battle with. Enhanced PvP combat and Acheivements give players even more options to customize their characters.

Gamers will have two options for purchasing Echoes of Faydwer, available now. A retail box will be sold in stores for $39.99 and includes both existing expansions (Desert of Flames and Kingdom of Sky) as well as the original EverQuest II game with it. The Echoes expansion alone is up for purchase with a $4 discount at if gamers purchase now before it becomes available for download.

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EverQuest II
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