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Final Fantasy XI Gets New Collection


Final Fantasy XI

Hard on the heels of recent releases Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy V Advance, Square-Enix has managed to put another title on store shelves this month: Final Fantasy XI Vana'diel Collection 2007. Much like the original Vana'diel collection released last year, this brand new package comes with everything gamers need to get started in the expansive world of Final Fantasy XI. The set includes the award-winning Final Fantasy XI in addition to all three follow-up expansions, Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, and the recent Treasures of Aht Urhgan, along with a new foldout Quick Manual including a world map and a starter's guide.

Originally released in 2003 in the US (2002 in Japan), Final Fantasy XI is Square-Enix's first foray into the world of MMORPGs. Four years later, the game currently boasts over 500,000 active subscribers with more than 1.7 million player characters from around the world. Players create a character in the fictional world of Vana'diel and select from a large assortment of available classes, or jobs, as the game refers to them. From there, they are released into the world with nothing but the clothes on their back and a thirst for adventure. Follow the story by completing quests for the in-game NPCs, or delve into the game's many dungeons with a party of fellow players looking for gil and glory.

The Final Fantasy XI Vana'diel Collection 2007 is available today at a suggested retail price of $29.99 and is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

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Final Fantasy XI
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