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Namco Bandai Tells Tales of New Remake Details


Tales of Destiny PS2 Remake

New details have surfaced for the first full remake in the long-running Tales series. The Tales of Destiny PS2 Remake will feature a new system called the Aerial Linear Motion Battle System, abbreviated AR-LMBS. This new system will allow combo attacks to create a "chain-capper." Unlike previous games, the player had to first do a regular attack, then a special attack, and then finally an ultimate attack, but now, players will be able to do any attack in any order they please so long as they have enough chain-capper points, refered to as CC.

But that is not the only new system added to the remake. Players will also be able to power up weapons, armor and items using the "Realize" system.

The "Food Sack" system will also receive an upgrade this time around. By putting an item with the name of the dish in the food sack before a fight starts, the food will be finished after the battle, and under certain circumstances, the food can even be finished during the fight.

Tales of Destiny orginally hit North American shelves on September 30, 1998. Its remake is set for Japanese release on November 22, but so far, no announcement on a localization for this half of the world has been announced.

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Tales of Destiny PS2 Remake
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