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North American Wild ARMs 4 Site Opens


Wild ARMs 4

XSEED Games has tossed aside the splash page that's been up since the game's localization announcement and opened up the full North American site for Wild ARMs 4. Within, visitors can browse through the many game information sections or let their eyes gaze upon the bevy of movies and wallpapers on display.

Wild ARMs 4 is currently on track to be released on January 10, and it will be the first game localized by XSEED Games, which was founded by former president of Square Enix's North American division, Jun Iwasaki, and a myriad of former Square Enix employees. Wild ARMs 4 will be followed by the release of Shadow Hearts: From the New World in March.

To read RPGamer's hands-on impression of Wild ARMs 4, click here. Keep your eyes peeled for the full review of Wild ARMs 4, as well as a hands-on impression of Shadow Hearts: From the New World soon.

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Wild ARMs 4
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