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Spectral Souls for the PSP Announced for North America


Spectral Souls

NIS America has announced that it will be localizing Spectral Souls for the PlayStation Portable in Fall 2006. Like the publisher's other PSP title, Generation of Chaos, this title is also a strategy RPG released in Japan by Idea Factory.

"We are very excited to bring Spectral Souls, a game created by imagineers of Idea Factory. Along with Generation of Chaos, Spectral Souls is Idea Factory’s flagship title that is highly praised by RPG fans throughout Japan. It is a superb title with excellent game play and smooth controls. Please look forward to this amazing game," said Haru Akenaga, president of NIS America, Inc.

The battle-torn continent of Neverland has been caught up in a vicious war between good and evil. It is up to three soldiers to save the world and stop all this fighting once and for all.

Players will be able to switch between three kingdoms, allowing them to play as the Royal Demon Kingdom, the Imperial Army, or the Rebel Army. Depending on the progression the player makes with each force determines how the story of the game will flow. Battles will take place on a grid board, like many strategy RPGs use, and will include a unique combo battle system as well as a massive item sysnthesis system.

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Spectral Souls
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