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Coliseum, New Characters Show Face in Baten Kaitos II


Baten Kaitos II

Some new characters take the stage in Namco and Monolith Soft's upcoming RPG Baten Kaitos II. Among them are:

  • Geena, mother of Zagi, the game’s main character, and caretaker of a full orphanage. Geena is a loving, gentle lady who takes very good care of all the children. However, when necessary, she can be extremely strict.
  • Wacho and Chik, a pair of orphans who get along with each other really well. Wacho plays the part of the older brother and is usually very responsible.
  • Jackomo, an assassin charged with capturing Zagi for his suspected crime of killing the emperor. Jackomo is the leader of the royal assassins. He may only be 13, but he’s skilled enough to best any other assassin.
  • Lolo, an archaeologist who will help Zagi and his friends on their adventures.
  • Almarde, who returns from Baten Kaitos

Also revealed is the Coliseum, where players can battle to earn rare Magnus. Players will fight a certain number of battles in a row, all with the same Magnus. The more battles players win, the higher their rank, and the higher their rank, the rarer the items that can be won.

Baten Kaitos II is currently on track for release in Japan on February 22, with a North American localization announcement still pending. When and if that happens, we'll keep you informed.

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Baten Kaitos II
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