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Square Enix Unofficially Reveals Grandia III


Grandia III

Though the company has yet to make an official announcement for the title, Square Enix opened a North American splash page for the latest title from Game Arts, Grandia III. Currently the page is only home to a piece of art for the game, an ESRB rating of "T" for Teen, and an announcement for the next trailer release on Thursday, December 22.

Grandia III launched in Japan on August 4, and while its sales were fairly good, it did not fare as well as the company would have liked. The teaser page does let readers know that the official site for the game will be coming soon, and RPGamer will be there when the doors open.

Update: Square Enix has also launched another Grandia III site -- Hangar G3. It is a community site similar to Slime Knights, a community site for Dragon Quest VIII.

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Grandia III
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