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A Phantasy Star Filled With Details


Phantasy Star Universe

Sega has recently revealed a few new details regarding its online and offline roleplaying adventure, Phantasy Star Universe. As previously announced, the game will be available in Japan on February 16 for 7140 yen. Sega has now announced that the monthly pricing of the online features will be 1260 yen ($10 USD) for the first month and 1050 yen ($8 USD) if the player sets up automatic renewal for ensuing months. The pricing may be different when the game launches in North America in May, which is the current time table.

Sega has now confirmed that players of both the PC and PlayStation 2 versions of the game will be able to co-exist, with servers being cross-platform. The PS2 version of the game won't require the use of the hard drive for security updates or patches as these updates would be saved to memory cards if needed.

Character customization, which will be a factor for many people has also been revealed. One particular character class allows for four different face types, six eye types, nineteen eyebrow types, thirteen eyelash types, two ear types, fifty-six hairstyles, and even allows for skin color and body proportion changes. It should also be noted that this class also has five different underwear settings, so for the detail specific people out there, this game should cover most aspects of customization.

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Phantasy Star Universe
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