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A Kingdom of Heaven Falls in to Stores


Kingdom of Paradise

Sony has announced that Kingdom of Paradise, exclusively on the PSP, has shipped to stores nationwide. The game was rated "T" for Teen by the ESRB and has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $39.99.

"Kingdom of Paradise offers a unique gameplay experience on PSP," said Susan Nourai, the director of online and product marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America. "With its fighting system, epic story, and wi-fi gameplay options, Kingdom of Paradise bolsters the PSP lineup and provides gamers with the ultimate portable action-RPG for this holiday season."

Players take control of Shinbu, a young warrior outcast, as he journeys out to bring peace to the world of Ouka. Throughout the game, players are given the chance to customize their sword-fighting skills the way they see fit.

Kingdom of Paradise also allows players to go online wirelessly through both Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure modes. Ad-Hoc mode allows players to take their customized fighters online to battle against others, as well as allow players to trade sword-fighting skills. Infrastructure mode allows players to gain access to special defensive skills, items, and even a sword not found in the game.

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Kingdom of Paradise
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