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Shigesato Itoi Comments on Mother 3 Status



Via a posting on his website, Mother creator Shigesato Itoi has revealed new information regarding the long-awaited Earthbound sequel Mother 3, which was originally slated to be released for the Nintendo 64, and is now slated to be released on the Game Boy Advance. According to the translation of the posting available at, the message by Itoi states that, after talking with Nintendo, he "decided to make a slightly head-start announcement" regarding Mother 3's status.

He goes on to say that "I've thought to myself, 'It should be all right now that it's this far along,' on many occasions, but I always made sure not to announce anything until I could say that it was "ABSOLUTELY all right." At any rate, this time I've decided to try and be reserved about everything. It looks like its release date will be about one season away, and I'm in the middle of doing many work retreats to get it finished. I'm going to work especially hard for a short while longer to get everything done."

This announcement is similar to many others that have been made in the past, so it seems as though many fans will be wary of it until more is seen. We'll keep you posted as new developments present themselves.

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