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Generation of Chaos Provides Details, Release Date


Generation of Chaos

NIS America has released some new gameplay information on its upcoming PlayStation Portable strategy RPG, Generation of Chaos, and has also provided a firm release date for the title. Generation of Chaos, which was developed by Idea Factory, is the first in the series to see release on North American shores.

Generation of Chaos is split into three gameplay modes: Story Mode, Strategy Mode, and Battle Mode. Story Mode promises a strong story throughout Generation of Chaos, with plenty of character interaction and development, and the opportunity for the gamer to make the decisions that will shape the game's story. In addition, story mode will lay out the details of upcoming battle missions, providing the player with the information necessary to secure victory.

Strategy Mode allows the player to manage his kingdom, which begins the game in a small, weak state. First and foremost of the player's territory is his headquarters, which is the base of the kingdom's power and should be heavily defended at all times. Should the headquarters fall, the kingdom - and the game - is lost. The kingdom increases in power by strengthening itself internally as well as by conquering enemy territories.

Commanders under the player's control must be selected and moved across a grid to a castle or a town. The location can be in a rival kingdom, in which the commander will try to take it by force, or it can be within the player's kingdom, in which the commander can improve the fortifications, the economy, foreign relations, or the nation's military strength. There are complications involved, though: strengthening the kingdom costs money, and an overworked and overtaxed commander is one more likely to rebel against his lord. Further, traveling between locations runs the risk of prompting an enemy attack.

During Strategy Mode, time will pass in a realistic manner. Months and years go by, proving that this Generation won't be over in an hour or two. In addition, the seasons will shift between spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and the weather will change accordingly. Weather changes can not only impact the ease of travel across the overworld, but it can also impact units' performance in battle. While some characters will have a harder time fighting in poor weather, others will be enhanced by the rain and snow.

The third portion of Generation of Chaos is its Battle Mode. Each commander in the game, both allied and enemy, can bring thirty troops in his unit, leading to sixty-two character battles. Commanders can be controlled directly by the player, and they have the ability to move about the map and attack specific enemies. As commanders take damage, they fill up an energy gauge. Once they have charged up enough energy, the commanders can also utilize super moves which can inflict huge damage on the enemy forces.

While the troops cannot be controlled individually like the commander, the player can dictate their battle formation and issue tactical orders for the entire force. It's important to adjust the battle strategy and formation according to the type of units the player is controlling and the type on the opposing force. Thankfully, troop commands can be changed at any time during the course of a battle.

NIS America will ship Generation of Chaos to retailers on February 21 2006. Those interested in learning more about the first strategy RPG to hit North America for the PSP can also read RPGamer's interview with Jack Niida, the marketer for NIS America.

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Generation of Chaos
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