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Grandia III Confirmed For North America


Grandia III

Square Enix has continually hinted that the company wanted to release Grandia III in North America as recently as the November issue of Official Playstation magazine. This week, however, the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, best known to the public as the ESRB, revealed through a listing on its site that the game has received a Teen rating. The reasons for this rating are listed as fantasy violence, mild language, and use of alcohol.

The game was released in Japan on August 4 and, until this past month, had not been mentioned for North America. Though the publisher has not announced localization of the game officially yet, receiving an ESRB rating normally hints that the game has been nearly completed for release. On the other end of the spectrum, Dragon Quest VIII and Romancing SaGa both received their ratings just prior to E3 and are just now being released. Stay tuned to RPGamer as new localization details are announced for this title.

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Grandia III
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