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Wild ARMs Alter Code: F Release Date Confirmed


Wild ARMs Alter Code: F

After being leaked prematurely on the Internet a week ago, a November 15 release date for Agetec's heavily-delayed remake of the original Wild ARMs, Wild ARMs Alter Code: F, has been officially announced via an update to Agetec's web site. Since the announcement of the game's localization in April 2003, the game has seen numerous delays, which has led to many fans questioning whether the game would be released during the time frame that has been announced for some time, the fourth quarter of 2005. Fans should take solace in knowing that final review builds of the game have been sent to media outlets, so the game's localization is, for all intents and purposes, complete.

After waiting for so long for new entries into the Wild ARMs saga, it seems as if fans will be deluged with multiple entries into the series in a somewhat short timeframe. Wild ARMs 4 will follow Alter Code F's release in the first quarter of 2006 courtesy of XSEED Games, and will be the first game in the series to feature voice acting. Check back with RPGamer soon for a full review of Alter Code F, as well as any new developments in the localization of Wild ARMs 4.

Thanks go out to starky27 for pointing the update to Agetec's site out to us.

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Wild ARMS Alter Code: F
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