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Rogue Galaxy Forges New Details


Rogue Galaxy

Famitsu has revealed that Level 5's PlayStation 2 RPG Rogue Galaxy will utilize a weapon forging system in giving its hero, Jester Rogue, the means to fight the evil of Daitron Enterprises. Weapon forging figured prominently in another Level 5 game, Dark Cloud 2, and Rogue Galaxy looks to emulate its predecessor's control interface.

In Rogue Galaxy, the player will be able to put two weapons into the mouth of an oven which has the ability to speak human language. The oven will then combine the two swallowed items to create a new weapon. Famitsu stated that the forging system will allow the player to acquire many weapons not otherwise attainable.

Level 5's science fiction RPG will be shipping in Japan on December 8 2005. There is currently no news on a North American localization, but as all of Level 5's prior games have made it across the Pacific, there is room for hope for gamers in need of an action RPG fix.

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Rogue Galaxy
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