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Aunuma Dishes Zelda DS


Nintendo DS

In an interview with American magazine Electronics Gaming Monthly, Eiji Aunuma divulged some more details on The Legend of Zelda DS. Aunuma, who has previously served as the director of Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker, and is currently directing Twilight Princess, restated that Link's first appearance on Nintendo's dual-screened handheld will not be in a Four Swords format.

The game is being developed by Aunuma's team at Nintendo, not by Capcom, which has handled the development of previous handheld Legend of Zelda titles. Aunuma has stressed that the system's touch screen capabilities are going to be integral to the gaming experience, saying "What I can tell you is that it's going to use the touch screen for a very unique control system that people have never experienced in a Zelda game before."

Aunuma continued, "I think one of the important elements of the Zelda series has always been that you feel like you're in the world doing the things that Link is doing and touching the things that Link is touching. This time you'll be able to use the touch screen and actually touch those items and objects yourself."

EGM has promised that more announcements on the eagerly awaited title should arrive from Nintendo soon. Keep checking back with RPGamer to hear the latest on The Legend of Zelda DS.

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