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BioWare Crash Lands on 360


Xbox 360

BioWare, the maker of several Xbox action RPGs, has announced a new exclusive title for the Xbox 360. The developer behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire is now hard at work on Mass Effect, an action RPG with an epic science fiction setting.

Mass Effect takes place in the year 2204, after humans have spread throughout the galaxy and have begun to interact with highly advanced alien civilizations. Humanity and these alien species form a new intergalactic community, but all of this is threatened by the awakening of an ancient evil. Players will take charge of an agent assigned with stopping this rising threat.

The game was announced at the X05 event in Amsterdam, and it will be published by Microsoft. No release dates have been given for Mass Effect, but BioWare has opened a website for the game here.

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Mass Effect
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