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eNCHANT arM Battles Some New Details



The recently concluded Tokyo Game Show has provided a glimpse at new elements of the From Software developed RPG, [eM] eNCHANT arM. In addition to the workings of the Xbox 360 title's battle system, the show has also revealed two new characters who will be joining heroes Atsuma and Touya.

When a battle in [eM] eNCHANT arM begins, the gameplay will shift from a field screen to a special battle screen. From there, the game seems to blend traditional RPG combat with a tactical movement system similar to those found in Strategy RPGs. All character, golem, and enemy units are placed on a 4x4 grid. Units will be able to move around on the grid, and their attacks and specials will have range limitations.

Each character will have three main methods of attack at their disposal as they struggle to defeat the forces threatening Yokohama City. First is the standard Attack ability. Beyond that, characters will have Custom Skills and Extra Skills. Custom Skills are the special abilities of each character, and using them drains a character's Ether Points (EP). Extra Skills use a different resource called the Extra Gauge. These high powered attacks, in addition to decimating enemy forces, will also enhance the damage of any character who frequently accompanies the skill-user into battle.

In addition to the above gameplay details, we have also learned of two additional characters. They are:

  • Yuuki - Eleven year old Yuuki's good enough with her pair of pistols to make a living as a golem hunter, despite her young age. Of course, it's not that comfortable a living, so she's aiming for the biggest golem bounties she can find. Currently, Yuuki is hunting devil golems.
  • Kou - This professor at Atsuma and Touya's school is incredibly intelligent and a top notch teacher and researcher. Even the army of Yokohama City comes to him for help with their experiments. Personality-wise, he's the soft-spoken, cold, and logical sort.

Look for [eM] eNCHANT arM to ship later this year for the Xbox 360. No North American release has been announced yet.

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