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Dragon Quest VIII Cast Unleashes Ultimate Attacks


Dragon Quest VIII

With Dragon Quest VIII's initial impact in Japan only a few weeks old, some new details have been released regarding the game's battle system; this time, concerning ultimate attacks. There are four characters, each of them having about two to three attacks. The hero, Yangas, Jessica, and Kukuru all have varying abilities with different effects.

The hero's first ability, Giga-Slash, is his ultimate sword ability. This attack deals a lot of damage to all enemies on the battlefield. Giga-Throw is the stereotypical boomerang attack, which usually spreads its damage across all enemies present; however, this attack instead piles all of its damage onto one enemy. The Giga-Break ability is even more powerful than the Giga-Slash attack. It is still unknown what needs to be done to learn this ability.

Yangas specializes in weapon abilities with three weapon skills and one summon spell. Beast Slash is a technique performed with an axe. It is most effective against "beast" category monsters. Devil Crash is Yangas’ ultimate hammer attack. Yangas will hit his hammer into the ground, causing shockwaves to deal major damage to "demon" and "thing" category monsters. Big Bang, while referred to as a scythe ability, is more of a spell-like explosion. O-chan Yobi is Yangas’ summon spell. Using it raises a specific skill of Yangas' to the maximum level and summons a horde of men into the battle.

Jessica has only two abilities. The first, Mandante, is a martial arts skill. This is also her most powerful offensive spell. Hussle Dance is a defensive ability, which involves Jessica performing a flamenco dance. It raises one of her skills to the maximum level, much like Yangas’ summon ability, as well as heal the party.

Kukuru also has two abilities. His ultimate bow ability, known as Needle Rush, allows him to fire four arrows with one-hit-kill accuracy. Grand Cross will raise one of his skills to maximum level and use that skill to imbue his crucifix with the power to flatten enemies.

Dragon Quest VIII was released in Japan on November 27. So far, no plans for a North American localization have been announced.

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