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Dragon Quest VIII Dungeon Details


Dragon Quest VIII

The latest information from Square Enix on Dragon Quest VIII focuses on the dungeons, which take full advantage of the game's 3-D graphics. As players explore dungeons ranging from simple caves to cities of ice, they will have greater freedom of movement than just left-right and up-down--and they can expect the designers to capitalize on that when it comes to hiding treasure chests.

Not everything is automatically lit for the player's convenience, so light can become a factor. Finding a torch may be part of some dungeons; of course, torches only have a limited range of light, so that offers even more opportunities for the designers to hide things.

Maps are not automatic, either. It appears they will be hidden in treasure chests within each dungeon.

Six more monsters have also been revealed:

  • Metappi is a birdlike machine monster. Its metal body is too heavy to fly on its own, but it is known to quickly cast spells on itself that rectify that problem.
  • Dars Wolfen are dark wolves manipulated by magic. They move in packs.
  • Thorn Dragons are incredibly hard to kill. Defeat one, and it immediately generates somewhere else.
  • The Two-Faced Frog's second face is on its back.
  • The Wan-derful looks like a giant bulldog, and attacks with spiked collars.
  • The Witch Lady uses lots of attack magic, and probably more than one charm.

Dragon Quest VIII was released in Japan November 27. A North American release date has yet to be announced.

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Dragon Quest VIII
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