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Dark Details Emerge for Phantom Kingdom


Phantom Kingdom Nippon Ichi recently unveiled the website for their upcoming Sim RPG Phantom Kingdom. With the opening of the site also comes new information concerning the game play of Phantom Kingdom.

There will be three types of characters in Phantom Kingdom: Main characters, common characters, and sub-characters. There are no details regarding sub-characters at this time.

Main characters will have a direct connection to the storyline and will play vital parts in battle. King Zeta and the other demon lords are perfect examples of main characters. Any characters that advance the story of the game are classified as main characters.

Common characters play little to no importance in the story, but they do play major roles in battles, mostly because they are your soldiers. Some common characters will be with you from the beginning, while others will join your party later if certain conditions are met. However, you use them only during battles, so their importance lies only in their fighting ability.

As you play the role of Demon King Zeta, you'll find that your kingdom has been destroyed and you must rebuild it piece by piece. Doing this will put you into a cycle of events: Beginning, Battle Preparation, Battle, and Ending.

    Beginning: This is the part of the cycle where the plot moves forward. You are able to talk to one of the other demon lords available and request that they make a piece of your world for you. Which piece of your world is created depends on which demon lord you speak with.

    Battle Preparation: Although the demon lord made this portion of the world for you, they are still demon lords regardless. You find that they have riddled your new world with an assortment of beasts and monsters that you must eliminate. During this portion of the cycle you must descend to the demon castle, your base of operations, and prepare for combat. This is where you are able to create and equip all of your common characters that you will be sending into battle.

    Battle: This part of the cycle is rather self-explanatory. This is where you engage the enemy army in combat.

    Ending: Once you emerge victorious, you return to your castle for a short period of time, before moving back into conversation with the demon lords, which brings the cycle full circle.

The battle system for Phantom Kingdom introduces an invite system. The invite system is basically summoning buildings, which is vital to the system. During the battle preparation stage, you stuff one building as full of common characters and equipment as you possibly can, then invite it to the battle ground. That means the type of building you summon has direct impact on the forces you can muster for any particular battle. A few examples of the system are shown in the following.

    Step 1: On Zeta’s demon castle map, you build a building by ordering one of your characters to do so. The stronger and smarter the character is you put on the job, the better the building you’ll get.

    Step 2: Load the newly built building with the characters and equipment you plan on using for the upcoming battle. However, the number of each you can put into the building depends on what type of building it is.

    Step 3: Once you move on to the battle map, you can use the invite command to summon your building. Now you can use all the stuff you’ve prepared ahead of time. Although you can summon your characters and equipment into battle, the enemy is smart enough to know that the building is your base and will attack it. This trick also works in the players favor. You can hunt down enemy buildings and pilfer through for some nice loot.

With the opening of Phantom Kingdom’s website, a few more screen shots have been released to the public. Phantom Kingdom has yet to receive a Japanese release date, and it is unknown if the game will reach North American shores.

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