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Phirst Phantasy Star Online Episode 4 Details



After being announced and discussed in the most recent MMORPGamer, more information has been discovered pertaining to the fourth installment in the Phantasy Star Online saga. First off, a huge crater has been left behind by the meteorite that strikes the planet in the game's opening. The crater's surrounding area has been made into a type of research center will likely be the base point of much gameplay.

With new games come new monsters. Here's a short list featuring a few of the new challenges on Ragol, provided by an offshoot section of the Blue Burst site which talks about Episode 4.

  • Meet the Asturk. This mid-level boss shows up above ground near the Crater. It attacks from long distances with fire breath, while using powerful punches up close.
  • Golans are enemies commonly encountered when underground. Like wolves, they love to attack in groups, aiming to slice their prey into pieces with their razor-sharp talons.
  • Merisa A is another underground foe. It's most dangerous ability is its tendency to tunnel underground and resurface when it is least convenient for your party.

Some new weapons have also been unveiled. The purple one is a Double Saber called "Vivian" and can only be used by girls. The green one is "Kusanagi," equippable by hunters (a certain character type) only. The red one is a slicer with very long range, called a "Fanatic's Slicer." The blue machine gun is called "Raje de Fait," which was created during the "Blue Burst" event that is the central focus of PSO: Blue Burst.

Many particulars on this game are still sketchy, but expect close covreage in the near future. Closed beta testing starts on November 30th, with no estimated ending date just yet. That being said, no release date has been confirmed for this title. You can see the rest of the artwork here.

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