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Nippon Ichi Builds New Demonic Empire with Phantom Kingdom


Phantom Kingdom

Following yesterday's announcement of the Nippon Ichi title Phantom Kingdom comes a plethora of news regarding the game's story, gameplay, and battle system. It has also been confirmed that the game is not a sequel to Phantom Brave, but instead a "successor" of sorts that merges elements from Phantom Brave and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

The story of Phantom Kingdom begins with the premise that many worlds exist within the vastness of space. One of these is a demon world dominated by Demon King Zeta. After a prophet named Pram tells him that his world will be destroyed in the near future, Zeta must confirm his world's fate by finding The Book of Omniscience, in which his entire world is written.

Upon finding the book, he opens it to read these ominous words: "The foolish ignorance of Demon King Zeta brings about the obliteration of his world." Enraged, Zeta tries to burn the book, and his world is instantly incinerated as well. At the last minute, Zeta possesses the book, much like a spirit would possess a body, but to no avail. His world is lost, and he is now a book floating in space.

The prophet Pram, Alexander, the God of Destruction, and Valvalga, the God of Malice, all visit Zeta and offer to help him. Pram suggests that Zeta should write about his ideal world in The Book of Omniscience, which would bring this world to life. Zeta accepts this idea and the assistance of these three people, who also happen to be demon lords of their own worlds. The problem is that while they help Zeta create his world, they are filling it with traps and other forms of unpleasantness. Thus to rule his new world, Zeta must first conquer it.

The game begins in Zeta's new castle, which serves as a base of operations for creating and arming new members of his army. Strong characters can be sacrificed to build new parts of the castle, and each new part unlocks more characters and items.

As the other demon lords create new pieces of the world, Zeta must take his army out to subdue each piece. The kind of world created depends on which demon lord you ask for help at certain points. Enemy numbers, types, and locations along with area maps are randomly generated. This means that each game will be different, even within the same path of the storyline. Combat is turn-based, but characters will not move from square to square. Instead, they will move freely within a given range.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, different well-known Japanese illustrators have been commissioned for the game's art. The names of these illustrators have not been revealed.

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Phantom Kingdom
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