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Monstrous Mobs Announced by SOE


Everquest II With information regarding Sony Online Entertainment’s Everquest II flowing so freely before its November 15th launch, SOE has decided to release some tidbits from the monster manual Not only have they released some information regarding the monsters, but they have also released some screen shots to accompany it.

Bixie: Little humanoid bugs with dangerous wings and stingers, they're a lot like bees. Bixies tend to stay in swarms, gather pollen, and protect their queen. Their honey, however, is reputed to have medicinal properties. As long as you don't bother them, they won't bother you, but shake the hive and you're in for some real trouble.

Dragonfly Faerie: Fond of people, Dragonfly Faeries live in dark undergrounds and dense forests. Avoiding their land-bound enemies, they have been known to build their nests on the ceilings of caverns. Even among their faerie brethren Dragonfly Faeries are super-fast fliers, and the light trails they leave behind serve nicely as light sources for cave-wandering travelers.

Giant Spiders: Big and dangerous, these spiders will come at you with poisonous fangs and sticky webs. You can find them all over the place, and their body parts are useful for making helpful items.

Goblin: The perenial RPG bad guy, goblins have all sorts of different forms. But they're always little, they're always skinny, and they're any slimy color between puke green and sickly yellow. They tend to move in groups, and can be found just about anywhere. Usually, they're just ragged beggars, but sometimes one will be evil enough to stand out. Goblins are known to fight amongst themselves, but how much depends on the clan.

Nagafen: In ancient times the great fire dragon Nagafen loudly proclaimed his love for the ice dragon Lady Vox, and was imprisoned in the depths of the labyrinthine caverns of Soulesk's Eye for his sin. The birth of mixed-color dragons being forbidden, Nagafen's lover Vox was shut away in a different dungeon, but since the Age of Destruction ripped apart the lands of Antonica, no one knows where Nagafen has gone.

Nightblood: Nasty critters, Nightbloods attack anybody and everybody for no particular reason at all. No one really knows where they came from, but the running theory is they appeared from another Plane, intent on spreading evil throughout this one. Pure evil, Nightbloods are said to feed off of the fear emitted by those they kill.

Shadowmen: Nobody knows much about Shadowmen. They are highly intelligent and live in very organized societies, but no one can pierce their veil of secrecy to discover any more. They seem to communicate via telepathy. Those few who have survived encounters with them testify that Shadowmen's voices spark the air with electricity. Before, Shadowmen didn't possess visible bodies, but using power pulled from another dimension, they gained physical forms that look like swirling whirlpools.

Lizardmen: They prefer to call themselves Aliz-yu. While they are intelligent, they haven't much of a civilization, living instead like barbarians in simple tents or crumbling ruins. Other tribes look down on them as savages. Devout followers of a demon god, they can speak fluently in an ancient tongue no one else understands. Few who have entered Aliz-yu lands have come back out to tell the tale, but of those who have, every one says the lizardmen are amassing fearsome numbers in the hidden depths of the forests.

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