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SOE releases Everquest II Class Tree


Everquest II With the release of Everquest II creeping ever closer, Sony Online Entertainment has decided to release more information. When players create a character they start off as a Commoner. The player must work their character up to level 13 before they are allowed to pick one of four archetypes. Of the four archetypes, each have 3 classes and each class has 2 sub-classes.

Fighter Archetype

(Class) Warrior: Heavy armor, heavy weapons user. Deals big damage and can cover for weaker friends. They are the premier Front-line fighter.
(Sub-Class) Berserker: Bestial fighters, they focus hard on the melee side of things. Uses any type of weapon well and is able to deal massive amounts of damage.
(Sub-Class) Guardian: Opposite of melee oriented berserkers, the guardians focus mainly on defense. They are heavily armored fighters that can stand up to any opponent.

(Class) Brawler: Melee fighters. Light armor and short-range weapons, these guys make themselves into living weapons.
(Sub-Class) Bruiser: Super-strong fighters you’d probably find in disreputable bars. They specialize in beating their opponent to a bloody pulp.
(Sub-Class) Monk: Martial artists, they’ll use disciplined techniques to turn enemies’ momentum against themselves in eye-popping elegant movements.

(Class) Crusader: Holy Knights. They use heavy armor and a wide array of weapons and shields to deal substantial physical damage on an enemy.
(Sub-Class) Paladin: Your typical Paladin here. Sword and Shield accompanied by holy abilities.
(Sub-Class) Shadow Knight: The Anti-Paladin. They rely on the powers of darkness to accomplish their evil goals.

Mage Archetype

(Class) Sorcerer: Attack magic and spells to weaken the enemy. They use pure magical power to blast their way through hordes of enemies.
(Sub-Class) Warlock: Inflicts poison and sickness, and other little bits of unpleasantness to destroy. Familiar with spells of death and destruction that deal lots of damage to an enemy.
(Sub-Class) Wizard: Uses elemental spells of fire, ice and spirit. Wizards are masters of mysterious arts. They bring loads of destructive power to the battlefield.

(Class) Enchanter: Uses magic to confuse and control the enemy.
(Sub-Class) Illusionist: Uses illusions to confuse they’re opponents. They also have spells that can boost friends attack and defense.
(Sub-Class) Coercer: Charmers, they insinuate themselves into weak hearted opponents and use confusion and anxiety to make enemies freeze up in fear. They can also boost friend’s morale and nerve.

(Class) Summoner: They can summon the local monsterlife, as well as a few other secretive arts. Their battle power comes from the monsters they control.
(Sub-Class) Necromancer: Summon undead servants and control forbidden magic; they are fearful masters of death and decay.
(Sub-Class) Conjurer: They are Elementalists. They use the spirits of fire, earth, water, and wind as servants in battle.

Priest Archetype

(Class) Cleric: Holy magicians, they manipulate magic to support their friends. Not only can they heal sickness and injury, they an also boost the physical power of their friends.
(Sub-Class) Templar: Warriors of faith and mercy, they specialize in magic arts of healing and protection.
(Sub-Class) Inquisitor: Twisted, twisted people. They live to expand their faith into your area, whether you want it or not, and get rid of the heresies already there. They have healing and supportive magic at their beck and call.

(Class) Druid: Powerful nature priests, they have magic to heal and increase companions physical stats.
(Sub-Class) Warden: Protectors of forests and wildlife, they borrow nature's power to heal wounds and defeat monsters.
(Sub-Class) Fury: Magicians who use the power of storms as their own, they use the strength of raw nature in battle and help assist with healing as well.

(Class) Shaman: Praying to ancient gods, they ask for divine healing and protection for their companions. They can also turn enemies' spells back on their caster.
(Sub-Class) Defiler: Subverting ancestors' spirits, Defilers steal their power to use against enemies and to help allies.
(Sub-Class) Mystic: This class has the power to converse with the sprits of their ancestors', convincing them to heal and aid allies.

Scout Archetype

(Class) Rogue: Excellent melee and thieves, rogues can pinpoint and exploit enemies weak points.
(Sub-Class) Brigand: Bloodthirsty highwaymen, Brigands excel at stabbing off-guard opponents in the back. Difficult to predict, their sneak assaults throw enemies into confusion.
(Sub-Class) Swashbuckler: Con-men and thieves, they convince opponents to lower their guard long enough to get all their valuables snitched out from underneath them. Fast talkers, many people take Swashbucklers too lightly, but these guys aren’t as easy as they seem.

(Class) Bard: Using songs, bards boost companion's stats and morale. They do have some idea how to use weapons, but their true calling is manipulation through melody.
(Sub-Class) Taje: Their songs of pain and misery destroy opponents will to fight and inspire demonic strengths in allies.
(Sub-Class) Troubadour: Songs to encourage and invigorate allies. With them playing, your friends will know no fear.

(Class) Predator: Spies and hunters, these guys slip through the dark, seek out weakness and strike without warning.
(Sub-Class) Assassin: Cold blooded killers who take out targets with merciless efficiency. Excellent in the dark, assassins can spot any hidden danger.
(Sub-Class) Ranger: Born wild children, rangers excel at hunting. Slipping noiselessly through the underbrush, their keen senses tell them exactly where their opponent stands.

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