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New Nintendo DS Information Arrives



A recent announcement has shed new light on the Nintendo DS's hardware features as well as previously unannounced titles in development for the system. The information revealed that two new RPGs are in the works for the handheld: A new Legend of Zelda: Four Swords title, and a new entry into the Pokemon series titled Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. No information barring the announcement of the game's development was released regarding the new Four Swords title. However, it was revealed that there will be a way to unlock bonuses in the various new Pokemon titles by using the Game Boy Advance Pokemon games on the DS.

New game announcements notwithstanding, the leak brought new information concerning the handheld's network capabilities. A feature known as "Game Sharing," will allow gamers to play against each other using a single cartridge. The DS that does not have a catridge will be able to download the game information from the other DS in order to play multiplayer games. Another feature will be that gamers will be able to download time limited demos from stores.

The Nintendo DS is scheduled to Launch on November 21st with various titles being available 30 days after the launch date. Currently there is no release information for the Zelda and Pokemon Games.

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