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Much Singing of Minstrel Song Details

Heath Hindman

Square Enix

The recent Tokyo Game Show brought the public some more information on the upcoming Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song. First and foremost, the game's purpose was unveiled at Square Enix's TGS press conference. The creators said they wanted to make a functional compilation of the whole SaGa series available to all gamers. Minstrel Song will do this by taking the story of the original Romancing SaGa, adding new details, and then mixing in select gameplay and presentation elements from other installments of the SaGa series. Namely, the Sketch Motion system used in the visuals of Unlimited SaGa will be present, among other things.

Additionally, it has now been clarified that the "enhanced story" spoken of here is called such because of the bonus scenarios and side quests which are set to appear. Also getting some minor touch-ups is the game's cast. All eight of the original main characters will be returning, along with many subparty members such as Miriam and Knightheart, flaunting new designs. The degree of change will vary from character to character, with some getting changed just enough to fit the game's new look, and others getting much more accessorized with things like eye patches, horns, and pointy hats. Two brand new characters will also appear. One is a man dressed in black appropriately named "Dark," while the other is a yet-unnamed bard.

Battle remains true to the series' traditional entering of commands before the turn begins, then sitting back and watching the show. Going along with the game's aformentioned compilation concept, combat will use familiar concepts from different games in the series, such as the combo system found in SaGa Frontier and the mid-battle skill learning introduced by Romancing SaGa 2. Those at the show reported an arranged version of Romancing SaGa's battle music playing during combat. Whether this treatment will apply to the final product or just the TGS demo has not been specified.

Those interested in this game can check out its official website, which features a pair of short trailers. No North American or European releases are planned for this game at the present time.

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