Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Details March In

The official Final Fantasy Tactics Advance website has posted some intriguing new information regarding the upcoming strategy RPG for the GameBoy Advance. The site has revealed some of the races and classes, as well as a few aspects of the game's battles.

Familiar classes from the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy Tactics will return in the new handheld version. Monk, mediator, chemist, and archer classes have returned, along with time mage, black mage, and white mage, and summoner. New classes will also appear, including fencer, assassin, bishop, paladin, and the knife-wielding juggler class.

Races of the world of FFTA are as varied as the available classes and likewise feature both the classic and the unfamiliar. Moogles, the staple creatures of the Final Fantasy series, will be one of the available races in the job class system. Other races mentioned are the Veela, a race of tall, rabbit-like people; the Vanga, fearsome humanoids with the jaws of an alligator; and the N Mou, a seemingly docile race whose people have floppy ears and long furry tails.

In addition, new characters have been named -- some from the aforementioned races. Two Moogles named Mont Blanc and Nono will appear in the cast, with Nono having an affiliation with airships, along with Ezel Berbier, a member of the N Mou race, and Shara, a Veela archer. New characters can also be found among the ranks of humans, including a redheaded girl named Ritz Malheur as the third main character. Also named are Judge Cid and his wife Remedi, who are the parents of Mute Randall.

Battles in FFTA have a few new aspects that players must incorporate into their strategies; specifically, judges and local laws will play a key role. In different areas of the game, laws prohibit certain actions in battle, such as stealing or using a particular kind of magic. A judge will preside over each battle, ensuring obedience to the laws of the land. In addition, certain characters can create new laws in the heat of battle, or even temporarily repeal existing laws. Summoning also has a new dimension; players must seek out the guardian creatures of the various races, and acquire that guardian's crystal to summon it to his or her aid in battle.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will hit Japanese store shelves on Valentine's Day of 2003. North Americans who have their hearts set on this title must wait a little longer for word on a release on this side of the world.

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by Cortney Stone    

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