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New information has surfaced on Final Fantasy X-2 in a recent edition of the Japanese publication V-Jump. It reveals that Yuna, Rikku, and a new friend, Pain, will be part of the group Kamome, which is scouring Spira for spheres. They're not alone in their search, however; a rival clan Lubran, featuring three shadowy (and as yet unnamed) figures are also on the lookout for spheres, which will no doubt result in run-ins at every turn. At any rate, the search for spheres has a purpose to it; only through collecting the spheres can Yuna and her companions find out the true nature of the world of Spira.

Doing all the searching on foot would probably be tiring, especially with all the new action elements that have been added to FFX-2, so Square has thoughtfully provided an airship, which rather looks as though it will be available from the game's outset. Named Celsius, the ship is apparently able to transform between airship and robot forms, although how this is useful and why have yet to be unchanged.

The article also reveals the reason for the different attire both Yuna and Rikku have been pictured in. Fans worrying about the possibility of a Lara Croft rip-off can rest easy now; FFX-2 merely features a costume change system, which operates somewhat like the job systems of earlier Final Fantasy titles. In another return to earlier titles, it looks as though the game will be much more open-ended, as unbridled airship exploration may be making its return here.

As always, RPGamer will stay on top of this story as new developments occur. Expect a corresponding media update to appear soon, and thanks go out to Jimmy D. for translation efforts. Final Fantasy X-2 is slated for a March release in Japan, and has not yet been confirmed for North American release.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [V-Jump]

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