Link Opens New Bag of Tricks

One of the best parts of any new Legend of Zelda title is the new gadgets Nintendo devises for the young lad to use, and some details concerning his latest batch of tools have been revealed. By far the most unusual of the items to be found in The Legend of Zelda: Wand of the Wind is the leaf from a certain type of fruit tree; by using these leaves, Link can take a page out of Mario's book and float through the air.

Bombs are back in action as well, and like in previous games, Link can use the explosives in a couple of ways. As usual, Link will be able to find hidden areas, and if that grows boring, he can use bombs in the precise art of blasting enemies to smithereens. The titular Wand of the Wind, meanwhile, can be used to perform certain special tasks, somewhat like the Ocarina from the first N64 Zelda.

With an exciting pre-order campaign set to kick off in two weeks, Nintendo is gearing up for a big-time release for what is certainly one of its most eagerly anticipated titles. December 13 will mark the day The Legend of Zelda: WotW ships to stores across Japan, where the game is expected to retail for 6800¥, or a little over $56.00 US. A North American release is set for February 2003.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]

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