Shenmue II Arrives on Xbox

The long-awaited sequel to Shenmue is now available for the Microsoft Xbox. As an added bonus, the game includes a Shenmue: The Movie DVD to bring newcomers to the series up to speed and refresh the memories of those who played the previous installment.

In Shenmue II, players will follow Ryo Hazuki down the streets of Hong Kong as he seeks out the truth about the Phoenix Mirror as well as the man who murdered his father. The game features a day-to-night system, complete with weather effects. Players have the liberty of exploring Hong Kong, gambling, relaxing, or communicating with thousands of residents as they go about their daily routines. Naturally, there are belligerent inhabitants, but they can be dispatched via Shenmue II's fully 3D fighting battle system, which features a variety of martial arts moves.

This package sports a $49.99 price tag (estimated US retail), as well as a Teen rating.

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by Cortney Stone    

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