Breath of Fire V Soundtrack Release Info
Breath of Fire V

While Ryu's fans sit on their hands waiting for the translation of the fifth installment in the Breath of Fire franchise to hit domestic shores, Japanese gamers are revving up to not only sit down and play the game, but to pick up the soundtrack as well.

The November 14 release of Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter will be followed a few weeks later by the official soundtrack (see below for cover artwork). Tactical RPG fans will be pleased to hear that the aural duties are being taken care of by Hitoshi Sakimoto, whose previous credits include Final Fantasy Tactics and the Tactics Ogre series. In addition, the production was supervised by Yasunori Mitsuda, of Chrono Cross and Xenosaga fame. J-pop star Chihiro Onitsuka will be singing the theme song, which will also be appearing on the singer's own album when it sees release sometime this winter.

Importers can expect to pay 3,200 ¥ ($26) when the soundtrack is released in Japan on the 21st of December. Chances of the CD seeing a domestic release are zero. Check back for more as Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter slowly approaches its domestic release.

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by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
Sources: [Famitsu]

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