Square Unveils FFX-2 Website

With a speed that can only be called timely, Square has thrown up a website for FFX-2. The website, which can be accessed here, is currently only available in Japanese, but an English version will most likely follow once the game is officially announced for US release. The site treats you to a nice flash intro, then allows you to view some screenshots, read info on the game, and check their store to see if FFX-2 is available for pre-order yet (it isn't). No new information about the game itself is available on the site, but the site does reveal that Noriko Matsueda will be producing the soundtrack for the game.

FFX-2 is the first direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game. The game features Yuna and Riku, along with a as-yet-unnammed third female character in their quest to rescue a man who may or may not be Tidus from some as-yet-unnamed villains who may or may not have a connection to the Al Behd. The mystery will become partly unraveled when FFX-2 is released in March of 2003 for the PS2.

Thanks go out to both reader Adam Romano and #rpgamer regular Braska for pointing this out to us.

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by Justin Harwood    

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