Suikoden III To Go Multiplatform?

With success already mounting for the PlayStation 2 release of Suikoden III, Konami has evidently been thinking how best to make more money off its obviously popular sequel. The solution, according to IGN Xbox has been to port the game to Microsoft's crate of gaming goodness. Though Konami has yet to confirm this, it appears the game is showing up in the databases of Gamestop outlets in a variety of locations with a tentative release date of March 2003.

Gamestop is not showing the game online at this point, but usually, a game with an assigned SKU is more than mere speculation. For the time being, then, it seems Xbox owners can look forward to yet another RPG joining the increasingly impressive Xbox stable. Expect RPGamer to continue following this story as a confirmation or denial comes to light.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [IGN Xbox]

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