Gust Mixing Up An Additional Atelier Game

Gust Interactive is concocting another addition to the Atelier series -- this time for the GameBoy Advance. Marie and Elie, the beloved heroines of the previous Atelier games, are returning for another spellbinding adventure. This time they will have a new alchemist on their side: a serious but good-natured young woman named Anise.

Together the three women will explore fascinating formulas and discover curious creations through innovative mixing systems new to the series. The story itself seems to center around Marie and Elie writing books based on their alchemy research for the great library in their kingdom.

Atelier Marie, Elie, and Anise will enchant Japan's stores this coming January. As to whether the fair maidens of alchemy will ever grace the United States with their presence, that remains to be seen. Discuss this latest recipe here at our forums.

by Cortney Stone    
Sources: [Famitsu / Salburg]
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