Chaos Legion Tidbits

What "fantasy opera action RPG" means remains unclear, but Capcom has trotted out some new details on its upcoming PlayStation 2 title Chaos Legion. Notably, the game's battle system will feature summon spells, but with a twist; rather than summoning mythical beasts of lore, the summon spells will instead call upon entire legions. There will be numerous legions, and each will possess individual abilities, as well as the capacity to be trained to perform specific tasks.

Capcom has also introduced two new characters to go alongside Seig Warhheit in his fight against former friend Victor Delacroix. The first, Alicia Winslet, is a woman driven by revenge. After Victor Delacroix killed her companions, she swore revenge against Victor. She is well-equipped to handle Delacroix, who is a fallen angel of sorts; though he bears the sacerd emblem of the church, he now uses the powers of darkness to pervert the holy forces embodied by the medallion, and so Alicia must wield her power to purify darkness in the fight against Victor.

The second of these characters is Sicla Rivier, whose beauty was not lost along with her life when she was killed three years earlier. It is not clear whether she remains alive or if she is undead, but both Seig and Victor have fallen in love with her, creating an additional source of conflict between the two rivals.

Based upon a Japanese novel, Chaos Legion will doubtless be eagerly anticipated by fans of the book. Whether it will be released outside Japan remains to be seen.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magicbox]
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