Square's FFX-2 Hopes Ambitious

With international sales of Final Fantasy X having crested over the five million mark, it is no surprise that Square considers the game one of its most popular ever. Now, in advance of a shareholders' meeting this week during which the company plans to reveal more information on its sequel to that game, a major financial service has reported Square has big plans for Final Fantasy X-2. Specifically, the aim is for FFX-2 to ship in the neighbourhood of 2.5 million copies, at the very least.

With strong sales figures for the original, combined with Final Fantasy X-2's unusual distinction as being the first direct sequel in the Final Fantasy series, there should be sufficient hype to ensure domestic success for the game. Whether or not that will led to an international release remains to be seen, as there has been no indication as to whether or not the game will be leaving Japan. RPGamer will cover the shareholder's meeting, and bring you all the latest details on FFX-2 as they become available.

by Andrew Long    
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