Capcom Experiencing Financial Woes

Capcom, the company responsible for the Mega Man Battle Network and Breath of Fire series, as well as more Street Fighters than you can shake a stick at, is experiencing some hard times. While the company initially expected a profit of nearly 4 billion yen, their revised estimates now show the company losing over 12 billion yen (over $103 million US) by the end of the fiscal year. While the company addmitted that high development cost and poor sales had affected the company, the majority of the loss was blamed on a $23.1 billion yen loss in their real estate holdings.

Capcom is reportedly creating more cash reserves by liquidating several offices and other holdings. Capcom's stock has fallen since the report was released. No statements were made regarding how or if this will affect any games currently in development. Capcom has announced a slew of various titles that are in development, so it seems that if anything, the company is increasing the number of titles it has in development rather than decreasing them. Be sure to stay with RPGamer for more news on this situation as it develops.

by Justin Harwood    
Sources: [Gamespot]
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