Neverwinter Nights Patched Up with Version 1.25

BioWare, the creator of Baldur's Gate, is now offering a patch for Neverwinter Nights, an award-winning online role-playing game. The online patch contains a handful of new features to contribute to the dimension of this fantasy world.

One of the new features bestowed by the version 1.25 patch is the addition of Kobolds. While many people recognize this species as being small and dog-like, these updated creatures are scaly, yellow-eyed reptiles allied with dragons. Another modified creature is the Malar Panther, which now has, according to BioWare, "80% more fangs" and new realistic texturing.

Fans of this third-edition Dungeons and Dragons game are also treated to a new utility called the Neverwinter Nights Content Creator Installer, which was designed to eliminate hassles encountered with introducing new components. The NWNCCI allows players to share and install user-created content as they please.

The self-installing patch is available at the click of a mouse on the main screen of Neverwinter Nights. According to BioWare, this is only one of many upcoming additions to the Neverwinter Nights community. Players can look forward to more modules in the future.

Update: BioWare has released version 1.26 to correct bugs in 1.25.

by Cortney Stone    
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