Problem Encountered in The Lord of the Rings, Part 1

A bug has surfaced in The Lord of the Rings, Part 1 for Game Boy Advance. However, there are means to bypass it.

The bug greets some players at the door to Moria, causing the game to crash. This can be remedied by the following, as explained by Pablo5150 from the Sierra Forums. This post has been pinned in the forum, giving validity to the solution.

"As you enter the doorway that causes the glitch, push "start" before the screen begins to fade. If you timed it right, then the screen will fade as the "save" menu appears. Save the game, and then continue. This has worked for me and several other people. You should continue on the other side of the doorway. Hope this helps."
The bug appears to be nonexistent in the European version, which Black Label Games is considering using as replacements for the defective cartridges.

by Cortney Stone    
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