Japanese Gamers Get Chaos Legion Release Date

Capcom has decided to release its latest working title, Chaos Legion to Japanese gamers in Spring 2003. Chaos Legion, set for a PS2 release, is an action/RPG title which is based on a novel and a magazine series.

The player takes the role of Seig Warheit, a swordsman belonging to a group called the Black Sign. This leads to Seig's pursuit of Victor Delacroix, as well as Seig's pursuit by a fanatic religious group. It looks like the storylines are set so that the lives and pasts of Victor and Seig are closely related, but not much information on that aspect has been released. Gameplay seems to be remniscent of Final Fantasy X. The camera view follows the player in third person in a 3D world in which Capcom has promised to make full use of the PS2's graphic capabilities.

by Kathleen Bevilacqua    
Sources: [GameWatch]
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