Metal Dungeon Making Its Way To America

Metal Dungeon, an Action/RPG with awesome futuristic elements, is finally confirmed for a North American release on the XBox. Xicat Interactive has yet to confirm a definite release date.

Metal Dungeon is set in a distant future, in which malicious cyborg beings wreak havoc upon the surviving human populace. Humans hide within shelters, trying to live their lives in a world in which magic is a reality. Evil monsters of myth are only a minor threat compared to the cyborgs destroying everything in their paths. Adventurers from the ranks of five different character types-Fencer, Striker, Analyzer, Caster and Broader-will adventure into an ever-changing dungeon to smite the evil that lurks below the ground.

Randomly-generating dungeon maps ensure that gameplay is never monotonous, while 10 massive levels in the dungeon will provide plenty of play time. Characters will be customizable to a great degree, implementing a different sort of level-up system, called an "advancement" system, as well as a way to enhance your adventurous cyborgs with special circuitry and implants, as well as the variability of spells, equipment, and other accessories. Metal Dungeon was definitely a good choice to port to North American shores.

by Kathleen Bevilacqua    
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