Arc the Lad PlayStation 2 Details
Arc the Lad

SCE recently announced its intent to continue the Arc the Lad series, and one of two revealed games was an unnamed PlayStation 2 title. It has been revealed that this game is called Arc the Lad Seirei no Tasogare (translated as Twilight of the Spirits). It was also revealed that the game will be about an epic battle between two worlds, which was instigated by their desire to use the power of a mysterious spirit. Whether it will continue in Arc the Lad I-III's storyline, or if it will be somehow tied to the recently announced WonderSwan Color title, Arc the Lad: Kijin Fukkatsu, remains to be seen.

Arc the Lad Seirei no Tasogare is currently slated for a 2002 release in Japan. The game has yet to receive a North American publisher. In the meantime, gamers will be able to enjoy the series in English when Working Designs releases Arc the Lad Collection domestically. RPGamer will keep you up to date on this game and its localization prospects.

by Joseph Witham    
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