Media Rings Announces Wizardry Title for GBA
Media Rings, makers of Wizardry Summoner

The Wizardry series, a PC role-playing staple and Game Boy Color frequenter, has now been granted a Game Boy Advance incarnation. Performing double-duty, publisher/developer Media Rings has announced Wizardry Summoner, a 1-2 player GBA exclusive with the fast approaching release date of December 21, 2001 in Japan.

The title stems away from its predecessors, landing players in a 3D labyrinthine quest for the Forbidden Book. The backstory finds the great king of the country of Ossakaputisu offering a reward for the return of the mythical relic. Many travellers have come from all over the world in attempt to navigate the labyrinth and return the treasure--but none have returned. Gameplay features a random maze generator, where each level is entirely different, even on replay. Battles are handled traditionally, menu- and number-based. It is still unknown whether or not there will be a North American port.

by Michael Harnest    
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