Midgard Development Put on Hold

Midgard, Funcom's massively multi-player online RPG, has been put on hold for what the company hopes is no longer than a few months. Midgard's Norwegian development studio is now on temporary leave so that Funcom can focus on its current MMORPG, Anarchy Online. Funcom hopes that Anarchy Online will gain enough customers in the coming months to warrant a larger staff. Much of the team views the leave as an opportunity to gain experience with Anarchy Online, which went live last June, too see how Midgard's design might be refined.

Under the temporary leave, employees are paid 80 percent of their salary by the government. Employees put on leave have the option of coming back or searching for other work, and should any not be re-hired they will receive the normal severance package, according to April Jones, Funcom's American Public Relations Manager.

Midgard is set in the time of Vikings and promises to incorporate Norse mythology and history as the basis for its world. RPGamer will report in the coming months as talk of Midgard resumes.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [RPG Planet]
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