Ultimate Blade of Darkness Announced for Xbox

Codemasters has announced that Ultimate Blade of Darkness, the next installment of its Blade of Darkness franchise, is an Xbox exclusive. Developed by Rebel Act Studios, this hack-and-slash game is set in a fantasy world and will incorporate RPG elements such as experience points and upgradeable skills, tools and weapons. Dwarfs and knights are said to dominate the game's world, and players will be able to utilize an arsenal of medieval weaponry that is sure to quench the blood-thirst of even the most battle-hardened RPGamer. These include broadswords, battle axes, spears, arrows, and the severed limbs of enemies.

Main characters from the game's PC progenitor, the original Blade of Darkness, will return. Tukaram, Sargon, Naflfar and Zoe, are all confirmed to return for the Xbox game. The game allows four players to quest simultaneously, and each character will have his or her own specific level.

Codemasters claims that Ultimate Blade of Darkness is a "blizzard of frenetic combat, haunting atmospherics, intriguing puzzles, and incredible lighting effect technology," as well as one of the bloodiest Xbox games to date. The game is currently scheduled for a winter 2002 release.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [Gamespot]
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