Rookie Developer Affinix Announces Inaugural Title Infinity
Affinix, makers of Infinity

Out of the blossoming world of independant North American game developers, one company has begun production on an epic handheld role-playing adventure. First-time developer Affinix Software has announced progress on Infinity, a story-based Game Boy Color exclusive. Still without a publisher, the title documents the rise of an ancient evil amongst the feuding of two great races, the Aluthans and the Selerans.

With the ongoing success of the Game Boy Advance, Infinity may come as a sigh of relief to many GBC owners, proving there are still many new and innovative titles due out for the three year old system. For up-to-date information on Infinity's development keep visiting RPGamer, or go to Affinix's official company site.

by Michael Harnest    
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