Pharaoh Productions Announces New RPG Dominion for Xbox

To the slowly growing library of upcoming role-playing games to be featured on the Xbox has been added Dominion, the latest console venture from developer Pharaoh Productions. The game has been labelled a multiplayer action-RPG with a traditional fantasy setting wherein the player has the choice of employing a myriad of characters from six playable races enlisted under the two broad categories of "Protectors" and "Destroyers."

· The Protectors

Human: With no particular specializations, the Human race is well-balanced in all areas including combat and magic. Highly versatile, Humans are generally well-meaning and accepted in most Guilds.

Dwarf: Specialized in Melee Combat, Dwarves are ill-tempered and extremely powerful. They cannot use magic.

Elf: Not as physically powerful as the Human or Dwarf races, the Elves are considerably faster with greater range. They are also the most affluent magic-users among the Protectors.

· The Destroyers

Ogre: Leading the Destroyers, Ogres are far more evil and malicious than their Protector opponents. Specializing, like the Dwarves, in Melee Combat, they are extremely powerful, although, due to their limited intelligence, they are incapable of using magic.

Troll: Extraordinarily stealthy, Trolls are nimble, quick, and unlike Ogres, intelligent enough to wield the powers of Dark Magic.

Talrok: Comparable to a Human in versatility, Talrok's are a cross-breed between an Elf and a "Korgk." Dark-skinned, they have no specific specialization.

In addition to selecting different races, players will be asked to sort these characters into Guilds. Divided into the categories of "The Ways of Force" and "The Ways of Magic" are the Guardian, Shadow, and Ranger Guilds, and the Druid, Sorcerer, and Mage Guilds, respectively.

Mastering in direct combat, the Guardian Guild promotes the use of heavy armour and weapons. Less reliant on brute strength is the Shadow Guild, a select team of skilled thieves and assassins trained in martial arts. The Ranger Guild focuses more on attacking from a distance with bows and crossbows.

The Druids, operating under The Ways of Magic, are known healers amongst the Guilds, although they possess some life-taking magic as well. The more damage-inducing Sorcerer Guild produces more destructive elemental magic. The Mage Guild deals with mind-altering magic, tricking its victims into inflicting harm upon themselves. Its members are also artful in finding lost articles and maintaining a sense of direction. Spells are learnt through each Guild's specific study of the six Circles of Magic: Destruction, Mind, Magic, Healing, Control and Protection. Some Guilds limit study to one Circle, others explore and combine many.

Other lists of features for Dominion include a vast array of languages used by the different Races and Guilds. There are also plans for an eventual PC port of the title. For that and all other information visit the official Pharaoh Productions website.

by Michael Harnest    
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